Benefits of Contracting Mechanical Engineers

Hiring a well-rounded mechanical engineer on a contract basis is generally the most efficient route for companies looking for product development and manufacturing support.

Contract Mechanical Engineering | Ehren-Haus

Utilizing contract mechanical engineers with diversified experience could save you more than just payroll taxes.

Hiring an entry level mechanical engineer could cost you over $120,000/year in salary, taxes, insurance, and software. A senior engineer could boost that to almost $200,000.

The most obvious benefit of contracting mechanical engineering support is the savings of all employee expenses.  All overhead and taxes are negotiated into the flat fee/hourly rate negotiated by the contractor.

Take advantage of engineers with experience tailored to your needs.

At Ehren-Haus, our mechanical engineers work alongside our manufacturing facility every day. That hands-on understanding of how plastics and cables are assembled on the production floor gives them an advantage over other mechanical engineers working in a cubicle. In many cases, we are able to make cost/time saving decisions  in real-time, before the first prototype is made.

Well-rounded, contextual experience is key when developing and analyzing new products.

Benefit from their past experience

An engineer working for various companies and products will encounter and overcome a much wider variety of challenges than an in-house engineering staff.  That trail-by-fire atmosphere provides expertise and a creative atmosphere unlike any other. When there is no box, it’s easy to think outside of it.

The Ehren-Haus engineering difference

Our mechanical engineers work closely with our electrical engineers to develop and analyze prototype plastic and cable assemblies. Because everyone is under one roof, we are able to offer start to finish support for products that transition seamlessly to manufacturing.

Mechanical engineering isn’t one size fits all

When it comes to contracting a mechanical engineer, take advantage of the wide variety of options.  If you know of a manufacturer that deal with similar products, ask them for a recommendation (if they don’t have any on staff). Pick an expert in your industry – and if that industry involves plastics and cables, pick us!

Still have questions about contract engineering? Give me a call. Let’s talk about your situation and whether it lends itself to contracting.

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