Over the years, Ehren-Haus has had the privilege of sharing lots of great successes with our clients. From ant exhibits to defense contracts, we are proud to support American Ingenuity in every industry.

Designed and manufactured an Expendable Bathythermograph Expendable Sound Velocimeter for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) used on ships to collect vital temperature and sonar data in the ocean.
“The Ehren-Haus team has gone above and beyond the role of a ‘normal’ vendor and became part of the team that has worked on the Orthoplast (medical device) project over the last seven years.” – Leading medical device company
Developed and executed a reclaim & reprocess method to utilize 87% of scrap material while maintaining medical grade performance/quality levels for a client.
Reverse engineered, tested, and manufactured complex flex-cable assemblies in the F-18 aircraft for the US Department of Defense.
Reduced the failure, rejection and scrap rate from 60-78% per run to a reasonable 8-10% per run for an orthopedic splint without affecting its performance or adding cost.
Reduced scrap by 4.65%, improved manufacturing process flow by 4.2% and tripled the longevity of liner greatly impacting ROI for a leading tire manufacturer.
Designed and manufactured an exhibit for leaf cutter ants (each ant is approximately 1/16” in size) that was safe, easily viewed by museum visitors, and accessible to staff.
Reduced display delivery by 50%. Reduced assembly time by 6 minutes, & provided “brand” continuity from store to store in all sizes for the number one salty snack company.