Ehren-Haus Electrical Engineering works alongside our clients to develop, design, prototype, and test electronic parts and components such as cable assemblies, wiring harnesses and printed circuit board layouts. Our electrical design center is co-located with our mechanical engineering, manufacturing, and testing facilities making the product pipeline fully integrated and seamless.

We have decades of hands-on experience developing electronic products for medical, military, and commercial applications.

Printed Circuit Board Layout | Ehren-Haus

Printed circuit board layout design



Documentation Development | Ehren-Haus

Documentation Development

Product Development

From an initial concept to a completed manufacturing technical data package, Ehren-Haus Electrical engineering can make your idea a reality. With hands-on manufacturing experience, in-house mechanical engineering, and testing facility, we understand the full spectrum of feasibility, costs, and time constraints associated with a new product design.

Reverse Engineering

As one of our most sought after services, reverse engineering has provided clients across countless industries with valuable technical data production drawings for products that had previously had nothing. Whether you are in need of alternate sourcing support or just need some value engineering for a legacy product, we can help.

Program Management

Ehren-Haus program managers utilize our extensive network of vendors to provide an efficient, cohesive engineering pipeline that translates easily to the production floor. We are your single point of contact for the entire project.

Test Development

Each application requires a unique set of testing requirements.  Our engineers design, develop, and implement custom testing procedures to meet your (and your customer’s) needs.

Documentation Development

Our engineers are highly skilled at developing technical data packages that not only meet industry & military standards, but that also fit your unique needs.  Interested in submitting a SAR (Source Approval Request)? Let Ehren-Haus work alongside you to ensure the documentation is correct. A sampling of our documentation capabilities:

  • Technical Data Packages (TDP’s)
  • Source Control Drawings (SOCD’s)
  • Test Procedures
  • Test Plans
  • User Requirements Specification
  • Hardware Requirements Specification (HRS)
  • Wire Lists

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