Engineering and Manufacturing Under One Roof

Combining engineering and manufacturing under one roof provides a uniquely effective solution to today’s specialty manufacturing needs.
Manufacturing And Engineering Under One Roof | Ehren-Haus

Ehren-Haus brought on mechanical and electrical engineering staff, upgraded our software, and expanded our facilities to accommodate prototyping and testing in-house.

In today’s world, people see the value of american manufacturing. Among stiff competition, how do small manufacturers stay relevant to clients with tight deadlines and want rock bottom prices? Ehren-Haus decided to combine engineering and manufacturing under one roof and here’s why:

100% direct communication from day one

Our electrical and mechanical engineers know everyone on the manufacturing floor.  They know the machinery, the processes, the paper trail, and their communication styles. Deciding on parts, brainstorming, and problem solving are very collaborative efforts that are done proactively rather than reactively throughout the entire process. This means there are fewer re-designs and decisions can be made quickly.

Prototyping and edits happen quickly

Once a prototype comes off the production floor, it’s in our engineer’s hands within minutes.  That means that testing and design edits happen almost immediately.  Once the design is tweaked, the next prototype can go right into production.  No packing, no shipping, no waiting, no long explanation phone calls to the manufacturer trying to re-explain the entire job.

Full pipeline accountability and transparency = higher quality

Pushing a job from vendor to vendor can make it very hard to get accountability when something goes wrong.  Our process allows for complete traceability and quality control at every step, from the initial inquiry to shipping the product out the door. While we do occasionally outsource segments of projects that extend beyond our expertise, every product is shipped directly back to use for final inspection before it goes to the customer. There is nothing like playing the blame game when it comes to losing customer loyalty.

Our niche has always been designing and producing unique, specialty products that solve industrial, commercial, or defense issues.  That could mean an acrylic test chamber big enough to fit a cyclist…or a custom outdoor generator enclosure…or even a launch-able electronic plastic “puck” that can be shot into the ocean to measure temperatures. Having the ability to design, engineer, prototype, test, and manufacture under one roof has proven invaluable to our clientele.

Looking to learn more about the “New American Manufacturer” and how it might save you money? Let’s chat.


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