Ehren-Haus mechanical engineering services are tailored specifically to our clients' needs with a focus on performance, durability, and integration. Program managers are assigned to every order to provide consistency and ease of communication throughout the entire process. Our engineers are co-located within our manufacturing facility allowing for a unique collaboration of expertise under one roof.

Responsive communication and a seamless transition to in-house manufacturing set us apart.

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Services include:


Product Development
Product Development | Ehren-Haus-Concept Development
-CAD & Simulations
-Design for Manufacturing
-Technical Documentation Development
-Value Engineering

Tooling Design
Tooling Design | Ehren-Haus-Soft Molds
-Thermoforming Molds
-Electrical Potting Molds
-Urethane Casting Molds

Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering | Ehren-Haus-Recreation of Drawings for Manufacturing
-Design Improvement
-Feature Enhancement
-Cost Reduction

Analysis | Ehren-Haus-Aerodynamic Analysis
-Structure Analysis
-Fluid Dynamics Analysis
-Fatigue Analysis
-Fracture Mechanics

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