More Than Plastic: The New Ehren-Haus


As we approached our 30th year as a company in 2013, we made it a priority to understand the core of who Ehren-Haus is so that we could, in turn, determine where we are going.

The sky is the limit when you shift your focus to ensuring your customers' success.

The game changing experiment.

We spent a good amount of time, after hours, sitting around a conference table brainstorming “Why do we come into the office everyday?”

The answer became our tagline: Empowering American Ingenuity.

What we realized was that new customers, finding us on their own, were coming to us for our plastics expertise and manufacturing. In contrast, our repeat customers and referrals were coming to us for our problem solving, design and one-on-one dedicated service.

We were creating a loyal customer base by listening to their challenges, dedicating ourselves to their success, and providing the best solution to fit their application/budget/timeline without limiting them to an existing product line. Even if the client’s project didn’t involve plastic, they were still hiring us to manage it because of our commitment to quality.

The second game changing experiment.

We started asking our customers where they saw themselves in the future.

If they had been loyal to us, we wanted to return the favor and build our services to help them get where they wanted to be.

The trends were clear:

-New product development – Especially products incorporating electronics and new technologies.
-Enhance legacy products with new features – Many of the legacy products had little or no technical data and would need to be reverse engineered from scratch.

We adjusted our business model to focus on our clients’ success rather than our own.

It was a huge success.

As a result, we started building our staff and facilities to offer support in those areas. We brought on a staff of electrical and mechanical engineers, designers, and additional manufacturing staff with experience in medical, defense, aerospace, marketing, and consumer products.  We added a full service electrical assembly and testing facility. We also began assigning program managers to each project to ensure the open communication our clients had come to expect continued regardless of project scale. The new product offerings became:

Product Development
Material Selection
-Build to Print
Reverse Engineering
-Consultation Services

The response was enormous.

In late 2014, it was clear that our branding should reflect the advances we made in our capabilities. We built the new Ehren-Haus identity so that we aren’t relying on word of mouth to explain that we’re more than plastic fabricators.

So after 2 years of self exploration, research, and client feedback we’re excited to launch the all new Ehren-Haus Industries, Inc.

Let’s talk about where you’re going in the next 5 years.


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