product-developmentEhren-Haus offers full-service program management for product development.  That means that from concept to fulfillment and everywhere in between, each project has a program manager to supervise each step of the process.  What sets Ehren-Haus apart from other product development managers, is that the engineering, testing, manufacturing, and fulfillment are done almost exclusively in-house.  Having the whole process under one roof allows for unprecedented levels of open communication and accountability.

This process will vary from project to project, but below is a breakdown of what the typical product development process looks like.

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Discovery – This initial phase of product development involves discovering the need and purpose for a new product.  We look at the product from a very macro level determining the general function before we begin any design.

Plan of Action – Once we have a general outline of what purpose this product will serve, we begin to build an over-all plan of action for the production pipeline.  This is where the process can be customized based on the needs of each individual project.

Design – The design is a vision or concept for the product aesthetic.  Before we get into technical drawings or in-depth engineering we like to get a feel for how a product should look, feel, function, etc.

Engineering – Once we get an idea for the design, our engineers begin the actual development of the product.  From material selection to cost avoidance, our electrical and mechanical engineers ensure every product is made efficiently and at the highest level of quality. Technical drawings are made to begin the prototyping process.

Prototyping – As soon as the technical drawings are approved, we can move on to the prototyping stage.  This process can involve programming for the appropriate machinery and/or 3-D printing so that our client can quickly put their hands on an initial draft. The prototype is tested and reviewed.  The feedback we get from the prototype is fed back into the discovery process and we continue to tweak the design until it is ready for a pilot run.

Pilot Run – Before full production begins, we do a “Pilot Run.” This is a smaller scale production that allows us to observe the entire manufacturing process.  This test run phase gives our staff of lean six-sigma certified engineers the opportunity to make adjustments in the pipeline that increase efficiency and decrease costs before we go into full-scale manufacturing.

Production – After our engineers sign off on our manufacturing pipeline, full scale manufacturing begins. Ehren-Haus can accommodate complete order fulfillment from assembly to packaging and shipping. Our close proximity to railways and an international airport allow us to offer a wide variety of transportation options.

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