At Ehren-Haus, we are dedicated to Eco-friendly practices in all that we do. We strive to recycle 100% of our post-industrial waste.  Our ever improving Lean manufacturing processes contribute to our commitment to the environment by reducing energy, production, and resource waste.

By providing comprehensive services in-house, we are able to control design and engineering, manufacturing, and production processes to ensure that our practices adhere to environmentally friendly guidelines.  We have internal clean energy and zero-waste policies that are implemented at all times, across all lines of business.

We have successfully designed recycle & repurpose programs for our clients that allow us to minimize waste and maximize their profit. By being environmentally conscious in all of our efforts, we are able to reduce costs and increase efficiencies for our own processes as well as for our clients.

Contact us to learn more about how our Eco-friendly efforts could improve your product manufacturing.