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4 Ways Small Manufacturers Save OEMs Money

Small American Manufacturers have successfully positioned themselves as highly effective and efficient partners for OEMs who had traditionally utilized larger/foreign manufacturers. Here’s how: Continue reading

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Understanding Plastic Trade Names

Understanding the difference between a brand and material is a huge part of material selection when it comes to plastic. Continue reading

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Top 4 Scenarios Requiring Reverse Engineering

Creating technical documentation for an existing product requires reverse engineering. But what types of circumstances require this kind of service? Continue reading

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Sustainability, the Key to Innovation

Staying relevant to your customers, NOT your industry, is the key to growth and innovation. Continue reading

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What is NRE, & why am I Getting Charged For It?

NRE charges make an appearance on manufacturing invoices and can cause confusion if you don’t understand their purpose. Continue reading

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How Much Are You Really Paying a Distributor?

We’ve all heard of the dreaded “middle man” and how they can increase costs, but manufacturing distributors fill an important roll in their industry. Find out if you’re getting your money’s worth. Continue reading

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