The Future is Here: Graphene

If you haven’t heard of it yet, here’s your chance to get educated on the newest high tech material, graphene.


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Tech products seem to come and go, but one such product seems to be on the cusp of almost limitless applications affecting your everyday life. 

Graphene is a two-dimensional carbon material that is nearly transparent and hundreds of times stronger than steel…did I mention that it’s highly conductive? The result is a material that has nearly endless electronic applications for thin, light, efficient, transparent, and strong products.

The science

Graphene was discovered back in 2003 at the University of Manchester. Essentially, it is a hexagonal shaped lattice of carbon atoms densely packed together along a perfect crystalline pattern.

It’s self healing

When exposed to carbon atoms, the graphene can actually repair holes within its sheet by pulling the new atoms to fit perfectly into the hexagonal pattern.

Commercial applications

When it was discovered, the race was on for almost every industry to cash in on commercial applications. There hadn’t been any official product announcement until this month when Graphene Lighting Company announced they will be releasing a new graphene light bulb later this year.  The light bulb will be up to 10% more efficient than traditional LED bulbs and will be priced competitively.


We really have only begun to understand the potential of graphene, but thus far many products that seem to be science fiction could become a reality such as:

  • Invisibility cloaks
  • Flexible TV, cell phone, computer screens
  • Light-weight vehicles and aircraft
  • Medical implants

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