The Value of Value Engineering

Value Engineering is the process of designing to cost. All of the processes, vendors, and components are selected to fit a budget first and foremost.

Value Engineering  |  Ehren-HausThere are lots of options when selecting tires for your car.  Many cheaper options perform just as well as their expensive counterparts, but won’t last nearly as long. That’s because they were value engineered.

How to make something cheaper without decreasing the quality?

We get this question a lot when companies work with us on new product development. They have a design, a great product, but need to produce it with a strict budget in mind. Assuming we’ve helped them select the best material(s), we can begin looking at other possible cost savings.

Reduce the number of Parts

This isn’t always a sure fire tactic to save money, but it’s a good place to start.  We review the parts and components to see if anything can be eliminated or combined.  This could potentially save material, lead times for sourcing, and labor costs during assembly.

Simplify the design

Once a product is designed and we begin to plan the production pipeline, we sometimes find that small edits to the product design could simplify the entire process and reduce costs. Simplifying molds/forms, utilizing off-the-shelf components rather than custom pieces, choosing to fabricate from plastic sheet stock rather than design costly custom molds.

Remove a Step

This is almost always easier said than done, especially when we are working with an existing production process.  Unnecessary steps are hard to identify when you’re used to doing something a specific way. Sometimes we’re able to step in as a new set of eyes and trim up the process for efficiency.  Maybe that means you pay a little extra for your supplier to pallet  things differently so that when it gets to production, unloading and staging can be done in a single step.  You might also be able to eliminate an entire assembly process by making simple alterations to the initial design.

These are just a few examples of ways that products can be value engineered for price without damaging the overall quality of the piece. If you’re interested in learning more about how to save money on your manufacturing, give us a call here at Ehren-Haus.

Ehren-Haus is a veteran owned small business that specializes in Engineering and specialty manufacturing for electronics and plastics.

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