Our business model today is no different than when we started over 30 years ago. From customer service to logistics, engineering, to manufacturing, accounting to marketing, all supported by senior management, we strive to exceed our clients’ expectations. We invest ourselves into the success of our clients. The result:

Communication – Even though we have evolved over the last 30 years, we strive to maintain the simplicity and ease of communication that you expect from a small business. It’s not just communication, it’s collaboration.

Quality American Made Products – As a veteran owned business, we take pride in producing high quality American made products. Our clients know they can expect exactly what they order with no surprises. Learn more about why American manufacturing is so important and cost effective on our Made in the USA page.

Flexibility – It is not unusual for projects to change and evolve. Each Ehren-Haus program manager communicates closely with the client to ensure that we adapt as needed. Our processes are tailored to fit your unique needs.  From accounting to receiving, we make sure it’s easy to do business with us.

Confidentiality – We take customer confidentiality very seriously at Ehren-Haus. Beyond the typical non-disclosure agreements, our clients know that they can expect a general respect for their privacy.

Customer Satisfaction – We have a 99.96% customer satisfaction rate with less than 0.03% of our work requiring corrective action.

Timely Delivery – Our on-time delivery track record is 98.96%.

Eco-responsibility – Not only do we strive for 100% post industrial waste recycling, we also work directly with clients to create programs to help minimize waste as well as re-purpose material whenever possible. This benefits our environment as well as our clients’ bottom line.




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